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Samsung Will Soon Sell a Galaxy S5 Studded with Crystals

Bling. Ice. Glittery swag. Your Galaxy S5 has none of this.

Well, Samsung is on the case. On Wednesday it teased the Crystal Collection for Samsung Galaxy S5, a lustrous, jewel-studded variant of its newest flagship smartphone.

Made in partnership with crystal crafter Swarovski, this flashier version of the S5 should be available in May, according to the Samsung Mobile Korea YouTube account. As far as which markets will get a crack at buying the Swarovski S5, that’s not so crystal clear. We presume South Korea is a lock, but no additional info is available from Samsung yet.

Samsung Will Soon Sell a Galaxy S5 Studded with Crysalssamsung

Previous partnerships with Swarovski have yielded glamoured-up versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III and S4, also released in countries other than the U.S. So, as it’s likely that you won’t get an opportunity to buy an AT&T or Verizon version of the Swarovski S5, you may have to settle for a tacky case instead. And we all know there are plenty of those to choose from.


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