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SEE KASALA! Covenant University Student Expelled For Wearing Waist Trimmer To Class

A 200 Level student of the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant
University has been recently expelled by the school authorities for indulging in “acts of indecent behavior manifested through
reckless dressing”.

FNN would like to remind our readers of the time when the school management in October 2013 passed a regulation calling for all students to be well dressed at all
times within the campus.

However, this 200 level student was
caught by a lecturer when he wore waist trimmers to lectures with the aim of enhancing the succinct shape of his not-so-supple-waist.
Waist trimmers are originally worn by girls with low self esteem about the shape of their bodies. It helps them define the shape. of their waist in an attractive manner.

It was therefore shocking when this 200 level student walked into class wearing one of such waist trimmers which was to the consternation of the lecturer who
immediately noted his MAT Number.

This errant student (name withheld) was then asked to immediately go home and change his attire, while his name was
reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

His parents were contacted, and he was placed on immediate suspension by the school authorities. However, when a search
of his hostel room revealed such exigiencies as lipstick, pancake, and other make-up equipments, as well as some ornamentary jewelries originally worn by girls, the
suspension order was immediately converted to an expulsion order.

The parents of the culprit had to beg the school authorities from handing him over to the Police for prosecution under the S3xual Offences Act.

When FNN correspondents managed to broker a meeting with the expelled student, he confessed that the reason why he wore the waist trimmer to class was because he had been having low self esteem about the shape of his waist and only wanted to look “pretty”.

He said that he was going to appeal against his expulsion because he felt it was unjust, as it amounts to inequality and injustice to permit girls to wear waist trimmers while boys cannot wear same.


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